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Kunshan Guangguan Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

The clean room purification equipment and process equipment produced by Kunshan Guangguan have been sold all over the country and exported overseas, including dust-free clean room, dust-free operation table, dust-free sterile hand washing and drying machine, semiconductor, LCD liquid crystal , Optoelectronics and electronic precision instruments, chemistry and biology, food, research institutes and universities and many other fields. The main service customers in China include: Huaying Vision, Chi Mei Group, AU Optronics, Ruiyi Optoelectronics, Lianjian Technology, Wuxi Tripod, Nanya Plastics, Nanya Printing, Yakult Dairy, Beijing Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. The company has its own complete team of R&D, design, processing, production, construction, after-sales, etc. It has a complete set of advanced CNC processing equipment and precision testing instruments, more than 4,000 square meters of workshops and a CLASS10000-level dust-free assembly workshop. It provides a guarantee for customer service in terms of product innovation, quality, delivery, and service.

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ACDT dust-free sterile equipment

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